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The medicine-man would now enter with four
men. These men would undress him5 leaving
only his breech-cloth on his body, and then lay
him down on his back. They would place his
two hands together, palm to palm, and with a
strong rawhide thong they would bind his two
thumbs together so tightly that they would some-
times bleed. They would place each pair of
fingers together and bind them together in the
same way. Then they would go down to his
feet and tie his two big toes together5 pulling with
all their strength to bind them as tightly as they

Now they would take a hide about the size of a
blanket and roll it tightly around him from head
to foot, like a cigar wrapper. Around this wrap-
per they would twine him up from neck to ankles
with a stout rawhide thong, winding it tightly
around and around his body at intervals of every
inch down the length of his form until he was
securely bound. And still another hide was
wrapped around him,, and another rawhide thong
was wound tightly around his motionless form.
Now, as he lay helpless on the ground, he resem-
bled a long brown cigar. Literally, he could
not move a finger.

The assistants would now raise the medicine-
man to a standing position and carefully balance
him on the soles of his bare feet. He would stand